Bambi Kite Kit

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Bambi Kite

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Bambi kites are small, lightweight, and quick in the air. This classic diamond-shaped kite is unmistakable as it soars in the air, long tails flying! Easily personalized, our Bambi kites are art waiting to happen!

Bamboo struts provide a lightweight frame for the Bambi’s Tyvek® sail — while this makes for swift and agile aerobatics, the Bambi kite does require careful handling on the ground. The larger Indestructa is equipped with a stronger fibreglass frame for those seeking a sturdier kite.


Bulk pack of 30 or 50

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Kit Contents

  • Diamond-shaped Tyvek® sail (54cm height, 42cm width)
  • Bamboo struts (spare sets included)
  • Tail (100cm length)
  • Sticky tape
  • Standard handles (available upgrade: Deluxe Handles)
  • Sample Bambi
  • Instruction sheet

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