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Frisbee is a classic game and great fun — it can be even more fun when you make and decorate your own frisbee! The Kite Crew’s frisbee kits use a cane hoop for the rim, lending flexibility to the structure. This helps to minimise “ouchies” if little bodies get in the way — as can happen when kids are having tons of fun.

The classic frisbee gives teachers many project opportunities no matter the year level or student age. From positional language (over, under, around, through) and birds’ eye view in the early years, to concentric circles, mandala art and cultural SOSE discussions in upper years, frisbees are a practical, fun and affordable culminating event. They make great father’s day presents, and a great activity for end of term gold card days. All ages can have fun designing their own obstacle course (over the swings, under the slide, around the corner, through the hoops, measure distance with skipping ropes, etc.) to take the frisbee out of the classroom and provide endless opportunities for movement and experimentation!


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Kit Contents

  • Circle-shaped Tyvek® piece (32cm diameter)
  • Cane hoops
  • Sticky tape
  • Sample Frisbee
  • Instruction sheet
  • Comes with a list of suggested frisbee games and a frisbee putt putt score card – or invent your own games and tell us about them!

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Order your Kite Kit!