Indestructa Kite Kit

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Indestructa Kite

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The aptly-named Indestructa kites are larger cousins of the Bambi kites. Size and durability differentiate the Indestructa from the Bambi — instead of the Bambi’s bamboo, the Indestructa features fibreglass struts. These kites also feature our Tyvek® sails — they are waterproof, tear-proof, and durable. All of this adds up to a hardy product capable of withstanding hours of rigorous play!

The Kite Crew’s Indestructa product features tails 2m long — double the length of the Bambi’s tail — and provides a larger canvas for the creative artist. Nimble in the air and sturdy when grounded, a decorated and customised Indestructa is unmistakable as it floats majestically in the air!


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Kit Contents

  • Diamond-shaped blank Tyvek® sail (64cm height, 50cm width)
  • Fibreglass struts
  • Tails (200cm length, various colors)
  • Sticky tape
  • Standard handles (available upgrade: Deluxe Handles)
  • Sample Indestructa
  • Instruction sheet

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